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Being in the restaurant business can be challenging.  Budgets are tight, and one never knows how many diners will be served on any given day.  Restaurant insurance cost is something many businesses struggle with, but this kind of insurance is important for protecting your valuable assets. Let the business insurance experts at Gleason Insurance Agency help you get the most out of your budget with a personalized restaurant business insurance policy.  We’ve been serving the business communities in and around Folsom, California for many years, and we specialize in the complex needs a restaurant business faces as part of its daily operations. No matter if you are a fast food franchise or an exclusive fine dining establishment, Gleason has the experience needed to assist you with comprehensive insurance plans.

Our agency is an independent insurance brokerage, and because of that we are able to provide our clients with different quotes for restaurants insurance coverage that is tailored exactly to your company’s specific needs. Our experts at Gleason can help you find the right insurance coverage at the right price.

What is Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurant insurance programs are comprised of several components, all designed to protect your property, your employees, and your company from liability issues arising from workplace accidents, discrimination claims, customer or delivery person injuries, and other incidents.  Restaurant insurance policies may include:

General liability insurance – this provides crucial lawsuit protection if a restaurant customer, a delivery person, or other visitor is injured while on your business property.  This coverage may include immediate medical costs for the injured person, and such policies often protect against copyright infringement, foodborne illnesses, and third-party property damage.

Property insurance – coverage under this part of a restaurant insurance package includes the physical assets of your business such as kitchen equipment, furniture, artwork, and the building(s) owned by the company.  Property insurance is used to cover the costs of repair or replacement from cases like theft, flooding, or fires.

Liquor liability insurance – many states and municipalities require restaurant business owners to carry this kind of insurance coverage as part of obtaining/maintaining an establishment liquor license.  Liquor liability insurance covers the cost of lawsuits associated with issues when an intoxicated customer your business serves goes on to injure people or property, commits a crime, or cause other problems related to alcohol use in your establishment.

Does My Business Need Restaurant Insurance Coverage?

If you operate a restaurant, chances are that the city or state in which your business resides requires some form of insurance coverage.  Restaurant insurance helps protect your restaurant and its assets from lawsuits, natural disasters, and liability issues.  It is an important component of maintaining a successful business.

Gleason Insurance can help restaurant clients determine what coverages are needed and what parts of a policy serve your business goals and budget.  We specialize in personalized, courteous service and offer a range of insurance products for any restaurant business.

How Much Does Restaurant Insurance Cost?

At Gleason Insurance, we understand that every business is different.  One plan does not fit all of our clients’ needs. Therefore, we believe in working with you to determine exactly what coverages are suitable for protecting your property, your employees, and your assets.  Costs can vary, but one thing is certain:  companies promising cheap restaurant insurance policies do not often stand behind their products.  Our expertise and range of plan options give restaurant business clients the flexibility to find plans that fit within tight budgets. And, we’ll make sure your business insurance policies have no gaps in coverage.

We believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients.  That is one of the reasons we are a trusted business insurance provider in Folsom, California and the surrounding business communities.  Protect your valuable restaurant assets today with Gleason Insurance. 

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